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Dental X-Ray

X- rays are a primary tool for early identification of dental problems.  Detecting issues with x-rays before they become problems can save your teeth and you money, by preventing the need for more extensive, expensive procedures.

We use high contrast digital x-rays to allow for more accurate diagnoses of not only your teeth, but the bone and surrounding tissues. The intra oral x-rays are used primarily to detect internal tooth decay while the panoramic x-ray, a single image that captures the entire face is used to detect abnormalities such as cysts, tumours and often is used in the planning of treatment for braces, implants, dentures or extractions.  X rays are primarily used to detect:

  • internal tooth decay
  • cysts (fluid filled sacs at the base of your teeth)
  • tumours both cancerous and non-cancerous
  • impacted or missing teeth
  • teeth that are still coming i

The switch from film to digital x-rays, also reduces radiation up to 90%.

In addition to x-rays, our intra oral camera allows a 105 degree view around your teeth, accessing areas that would normally be inaccessible, providing you a view of what we see and thus, a better understanding of your treatment plan.

Using digital intra oral or panoramic x-rays our expert dental team will assess your oral health.  Book your appointment today 604-465-4800